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July 30, 2012

BitBucket(Git) configuration in xcode

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Please follow these steps to configure bitbucket repository in xcode

  1. Opens xcode and use option ‘connect to a repository’
  2. Specify following location, i didn’t use username as in repository url in bitbucket
  3. specify the name as ‘project’ and ‘git’ as type and press clone
  4. specify folder name and location to clone the repo and press clone again
  5. there may be an access deny message, don’t be afraid just press try again
  6. a prompt for user name and password will appear, specify the credentials and press ok
  7. close xcode and delete if these is any directory as it may created in step 4
  8. open keychain and find key named and open it
  9. go to access control tab and chose very first option ‘allow all application to access this item’ and save changes
  10. repeat step 1-5, remember this time maybe some error messages will come but be patient and keep trying 2-3 times. Eventually you will succeed.

Note: At this time, due to tight schedule i didn’t investigate the problems. And i knew this method seems not that good, but results are definite.

feel free to comment. 🙂


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